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Alberto Giudice

Junior Developer

I'm a junior Android developer, also studying to become a videogame developer. As such, I'm extremely versatile.

During my studies and some freelance projects I learned the foundations of object oriented programming, web development and software engineering, using various languages and technologies. I also cultivate a strong passion for graphic design and videomaking, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Android mobile ecosystem.

I'm a sociable person, well suited for teamwork, always open minded towards new ideas and approaches. I like new challenges and I quickly adapt to overcome them, keeping my motivation under pressure without ever sacrifing the product (and the code) quality.

  • Kotlin + Android

  • C++

  • Web Development

  • Unity + C#

  • Git + GitHub

  • Adobe Creative Suite + UI/UX

  • Problem Solving

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Time Management


C1, IELTS Academic 8.0 (2019)


Mother tongue

TV Series

I'm always up for a game night at Bastard Café. I love strategic board games.

My personal OSs of choice are Windows and Android.

I got the Logician INT-P personality in the 16Personalities online test.

Android Developer

Shape A/S, July 2019-Present | København, DENMARK

I currently work part-time as an Android Developer for Shape A/S, implementing both logic and layout changes for their clients' apps. The apps I worked on include Fitness World and OK - Tank, wash and park. My work at Shape has included:

  • Refactoring of Java to Kotlin;
  • Implementation of MVVM architectures and refactor of MVP into MVVM;
  • Implementation of Recyclerviews, Lottie animations and RXJava network calls.

Freelance UI Designer & Web Developer

MK Media S.r.l., 2014-2019 | Milan, ITALY

While my main task inside MK Media has been creating editorial, graphical and video content, my job also required me to create UI designs and code snippets for temporary usage. Some of this work consisted in:

  • Creation of custom headings to sponsor particular events, which led to an increase in the user interactions;
  • Creation of custom snippets to easily embed many e-shops referral links in an organic way, which led to an increase in the average click rate;
  • Creation of many forms of imagery for different types of usage, includig the whole YouTube channel video and graphics branding.

Internship (Frontend Developer)

Tradenet Services, September-November 2017 | Schio, ITALY

Two month internship in a software company while preparing my Bachelor thesis. This internship was primarily focused on studying the possibility of creating a truly cross-platform version of ZotSell, the company's management software. While working in Tradenet I had the opportunity to:

  • Work with a precise schedule and report daily feedbacks to a supervisor;
  • Get a better understandig of the React + Redux code design;
  • Evaluate open source projects and their implementability in relation to the company's requirements;
  • Work with technologies like npm, Yarn and Electron.

MSc in Games (Technology)

IT University of Copenhagen, 2019-Present | Currently studying

I am currently attending a Master Degree in video games development. This MSc consists of both advanced aspects of Computer Science and practical projects in making actual games, both in groups and as an individual. As of my experience so far, I've already improved in various aspects:

  • Practical application of design patterns and algorithms;
  • Clear understanding of Game Engines architecture;
  • Teamwork and management of groups of different talents.

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Università degli Studi di Padova, 2015-2017 | 110 / 110 cum Laude

This 3-year Bachelor in Computer Science was my main formation in becoming a software developer. It helped me in achieving several crucial skills for a software developer, through both frontal lessons and pratical projects. Some of the skills I've acquired from my studies are:

  • Mathematical, logical and algorithmical oriented approach to problem solving;
  • Clear approach to clean software design and pattern usage;
  • Practical usage of C++, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, JavaScript, Git and MatLab;
  • Software Engineering principles and team working.


2D Platformer Videogame for Android, 2019

I've developed the key functionalities of this simple Android videogame using Unity and coding it in C#. The game is a 2D platformer, with a ninja character who can attack with a sword and shoot fireballs to various enemies, while trying to reach the end of the level.

The learning of Unity and the development of the game took me approximately one week, but I plan to continue the development and enhance it in the future. While developing this game, I had a chance to improve in these areas:

  • Planning a project that require many different parts to be accomplished;
  • Learning a completely new technology autonomously and applying it in a pratical way;
  • Searching and adapting third-party content to my needs, while creating new content with a similar style.

Agenzia Le Corti online branding

Website Design & Development, 2018

I've deloped the new website of a local real estate agency with a team of other two developers. The website required a fast search engine and an integration with their management software. The technologies used to create it were Bootstrap, Javascript and PHP. In particular, the areas I mostly worked on were:

  • Design of the UI and UX of the whole website;
  • Development of the whole HTML and CSS structure using Bootstrap;
  • Supervision on the whole project development.

References available upon request.