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Hi! I'm Alberto Giudice.

I'm a multifaceted person, with many interests and professional skills.

At the core, I consider myself a software developer. I've a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a Master degree in Games Technology. I have good command of C++, web development and Unity and 3 years of experience working as an Android Developer.

Other than that, I've worked for many years as a content creator, creating both written and video content as a tech journalist. I'm proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and I regularly work on Photoshop and Premiere, as well as with video streaming tools such as OBS.

I have ADHD and thrive in highly collaborative environments, in which I can share my knowledge and listen to other perspectives as a team player. I always strive to achieve the best possible quality of solutions within deadlines and sometimes can have a touch of perfectionism.

Want to know more about me?

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

- Gandalf