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Alberto Giudice

Student Game Developer

Combining both my backgrounds as developer and content creator, I started a MSc in Games and I'm putting a lot of effort in becoming a good game developer.

I've a good command of object oriented programming and patterns due to my studies and experience. I'm also experienced in content creation, particularly in 2D graphics and video editing. Moreover, I succesfully managed many student teams, thanks to my understanding of both the technical and artistic needs.

I'm a sociable person, well suited for teamwork, always open minded towards new ideas and approaches. I like new challenges and I quickly adapt to overcome them, keeping my motivation under pressure without ever sacrifing the product quality.

  • Unity

  • C++

  • C#

  • Shaders (HLSL)

  • Git + Atlassian Suite

  • Adobe Creative Suite + UI/UX

  • Problem Solving

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Time Management


C1, IELTS Academic 8.0 (2019)


Mother tongue

TV Series

I'm always up for a game night at Bastard Café. I love strategic board games.

I regularly role/master Pathfinder 2E campaigns with friends, streaming them on Twitch.

To me, true happiness lies in eating a good Neapolitan-style pizza.

I got the Logician INT-P personality in the 16Personalities online test.

Android Developer

Shape A/S, July 2019-Present | København, DENMARK

I currently work part-time as an Android Developer for Shape A/S, implementing both logic and layout changes for their clients' apps. The apps I worked on include Fitness World, OK - Tank, wash and park, Solar Mobile and Nordisk Film Biografer. My work at Shape has included:

  • Refactoring of old Java to Kotlin and MVVM;
  • Implementation of data-binded Recyclerviews, Lottie animations and RXJava network calls.
  • Implementation of custom behaviours like animated swipe actions in Recyclerviews.

Video, graphic and editorial editor

MK Media S.r.l., 2014-2019 | Milan, ITALY

MK Media is a company holding two major online press publications in Italy. My roles inside the company has been multiple, all involving the creation of content in various forms. My main focus has been on creating videos, editorial pieces and graphics for social media and editorial usage.

Some key results I achieved by working in MK Media have been:

  • Created a YouTube video viewed more than 100'000 times;
  • Managed some editorial teams for special events' coverage, with great results;
  • Designed the YouTube channels' branding with graphics and animations.


Walking Simulator Experience/Game (PC), 2020

Memorex is a walking simulator game not focused on mechanics complexity but on world building and delivering a chill experience to the player. It was developed in Unity as an exam project in the MSc in Games at the IT University of Copenhagen. This game focuses on narrating through gameplay the memories of a teenager related to their Japanese dad and childhood items. My contributions to the project include:

  • Camera programmer, iterating through different styles and finally implementing a "hybrid" dolly follow;
  • Level designer, responsible mainy for the creation of the central bedroom hub;
  • Narrative designer, responsible for dialogues and environmental storytelling;
  • General polishing of many graphical and code details.

Tank Ball

Couch Multiplayer Game (PC), 2019

Tank Ball is a fun-packed couch multiplayer game developed as an exam project in the MSc in Games at the IT University of Copenhagen. This game has been made in Unity and features support for 2 to 4 players, with state of the art handling of input via controllers. My contributions to the project include:

  • Game Producer, responsible of team coordination and communication;
  • Lead Game Designer, responsible of game feel and mechanics selection based on player testing;
  • Lead Programmer, responsible of code tweaking, various in-game mechanics and UI;
  • Website developer and promotional material creator.

MSc in Games (Technology)

IT University of Copenhagen, 2019-Present | Currently studying

I am currently attending a Master Degree in video games development. This MSc consists of both advanced aspects of Computer Science and practical projects in making actual games, both in groups and as an individual. As of my experience so far, I've already improved in various aspects:

  • Practical application of design patterns and algorithms;
  • Clear understanding of Game Engines architecture and Game Design principles;
  • Teamwork and management of groups of different disciplines;
  • Event planning and communication, as student representative of the programme.

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Università degli Studi di Padova, 2015-2017 | 110 / 110 cum Laude

This 3-year Bachelor in Computer Science was my highest curricular education and was focused on learning how to be a software developer. It helped me in achieving several crucial skills for a software developer, through both frontal lessons and pratical projects. Some of the skills I've acquired from my studies are:

  • Mathematical, logical and algorithmical oriented approach to problem solving;
  • Clear approach to clean software design and pattern usage;
  • Practical usage of C++, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, JavaScript, Git and MatLab;
  • Software Engineering principles and team working.

References available upon request.